It looks like David Beador is not very good at hiding his whereabouts. The man took to social media to post a pic that featured him and his daughter Stella that he captioned: ‘Off to Stella’s volleyball tournament in Salt Lake City.’

We have now learned that David took his rebound girlfriend Lesley Cook along with him for a ski vacation.

Today, the much younger single mom posted a photo of her and David on the ski slopes having the time of their lives and basically exposing their little vacation.

The proof that David did not intend to share that he and his new lady love were on a ski vacation is that the snap was deleted not too long after it was shared.

The caption used to read: ‘Look who I bumped into on the ski slopes of the Stein Erickson Lodge in Utah!’

‘Lesley’s absolutely disgusting for rubbing it in David’s daughters’ faces that she’s now with him. They check her social media all the time, and they’re always really upset about her posts,’ one insider said.

But even though his girls are upset about his new romance, the same cannot be said about Shannon.

‘Shannon does not care what David is up to. After Stella’s volleyball tournament in Salt Lake City, Shannon took the girls on a family getaway to Mexico, where they currently still are.’

The source assured us that ‘She is moving on with her life and it’s obvious to her that this Lesley chick is really thirsty. Her hunger for fame is obvious to everyone.’

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